Sunday, January 5, 2014

Puppies, and Kittens, and Dogs -- Oh My!

Linda continued her valiant work by transporting another batch of dogs, cats, and puppies on Sunday, December 29, 2013.  The transport was stalled in another state because one of the two vans would not start after taking a quick rest stop break.  A new van had to be delivered, but it was a passenger van, so they had to remove the seats before loading up the animals.  As usual, the transporters hung in there, and proved they will go the extra mile to ensure the animals in their care are safely delivered.

The lucky little guys below will definitely have a Happy New Year as they are well on their way to an adopting family, or a foster home to await their furever family.  May 2014 bring them happiness, great health and a place to call home!

One of Six Cats
Two of Six Cats

Charlie, Who Rested Peacefully

Linda's Favs -- Who Nibbled on Her Fingers

Such Cute Puppies!

Enjoying a Quick Meal

Sleepy Time

Linda's Transport December 15, 2013

Three Fluffy Puppies, all of whom
have adopters! Yay!
Linda has gotten very involved with the Darlington Express transport group, to the point where she is now training to be their Transport Coordinator!  Congratulations, Linda!  It will be plenty of work, but so rewarding for her, I'm sure.  She is very dedicated to helping the dogs (and cats) who are lucky enough to be rescued and make their way north to safe havens.

Tyrone, 3-year old Boxer
Louise, the Perfect Passenger
Linda had a car full!  She transported six kittens, who were bound to Friends for Felines in Buffalo, New York. Tyrone, a three-year-old boxer, and Louise, a sweet, calm puppy dog, were both headed to One Life to Live in Scranton.  Linda also had a litter of puppies, referred to as the T Litter.  Louise was the best passenger on their ride from Norristown to Lehighton.

Tessa, a T Litter Pup

Another puppy sporting a
peace sign sweater.

With the holidays just past, let's wish peace to the entire world of rescued animals, and may they all find happiness in new homes.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Band of Brothers

Bogy and Toby are two peas in a pod.  Very bonded, they are.  We're not exactly sure if they are brothers or not, but it really doesn't matter now.  You'll read why in just a minute.

Toby in Model Pose
Carol and I headed to Center Valley on Saturday, November 16th, to pick up Bogy and Toby.  Such handsome dogs!  I couldn't believe how lucky I was to get this photo of Toby.  He just stood there, looked at me, and raised his front left paw.  Such a handsome boy!  He's the good dog.  Posed beautifully when the camera pointed his way, rode quietly in the backseat with his chin resting on the window sill of the car door, and he never made a peep.  Good Toby!

Bogy being Bogy
And then there was Bogy.  Somehow this name fits him.  Bogy was equally as handsome, only he never sat still for his picture.  He also never sat still while we drove him to Montgomeryville.  He was into everything -- especially Carol's lap.  By the end of our trip, he had inched his way up between the seats and was riding shotgun on top of Carol.

Toby Sits Like a Gentleman
Bogy Doing His Best Pose

Bogy and Toby had wonderful beginnings.  They had a warm, loving home, two squares a day, and a wonderful woman who looked after them as though they were her sons.  Unfortunately, she was an older woman who ended up having to go into a nursing home, so she could no longer keep them, and that's how they came into the world of dog rescue.

But their story does not end there.  Carol and I had the great pleasure of delivering Bogy and Toby to their new forever home, with Denise, who was the most excited adopting mother I've yet to run into.  And these two canines stole her heart the second she saw them.  Denise could not get over what great dogs they were.  Toby jumped right into her car, and Bogy quickly followed. Neither of them could wait to get going to their new home!

And here they are, enjoying their new life, still together, still bonded and best friends.

It further appears that they've got a pretty cushy life, for which I'm not sure they are appearing so grateful.  I see two dogs enjoying the lap of luxury as though they've been there forever.  They sure look happy and content, and Denise wrote that they are both very well behaved, love their new yard, and have made themselves completely at home.

 And now they are both posing in their favorite positions for photos.  Could Toby look any goofier?  And well, that's Bogy being Bogy!

They may not be biological brothers, but they are as close as can be, and will enjoy the rest of their lives living as brothers in Denise's home, where she will smile over their antics every single day.

Linda's Been Busy!

Linda has been out and about with oodles of dogs and cats over the last two weekends.  She and her mother started off on Sunday, November 17th, by transporting 11 cats and kittens from the pickup point in Norristown to Lehighton.  Everyone was from the Darlington County Humane Society in Darlington, SC (hence the transport is called the Darlington Express).

This one particular orange kitty, Colby, was very friendly, but tuckered out from all his travels.  No one said the road to freedom was easy, but we're awful glad he's getting a second chance.

And here the cats are before being unloaded and transferred to Linda.  Although it's sad to see them in carriers, one cannot have cats roaming the vehicle, as you can well imagine.  Pandemonium would be an understatement, I'm sure.  But this way, they travel safely and peacefully.  All cats were being transported to their new rescue, Friends for Felines, in Blasdell, New York.

Meow.  No really, meow!
Hey!  What are these two doing here?  They don't look like no cats to me!  Linda confessed -- these two puppies were not on her passenger list, but she just had to help hold them until it was their turn to board their next vehicle.  Can you blame her?  Yeah, me neither.

Going forward to the following weekend, Linda again transported on Sunday, November 24th.  Jose (why doesn't the apostrophe over the "e" work on BlogSpot?) was a cute pooch headed for One Life to Live in Scranton, PA.  Asleep, Jose looks awfully cute.  But in the other picture, he looks a bit like a grumpy old man.  But isn't everyone a little bit grumpy when they first wake up?  Especially if the sun is shining right into your eyes.

Linda also transported four cats, all of which were going to Friends for Felines in Blasdell, New York.  Percy and Gavin were just two of these lucky passengers.


Gavin's a beauty dressed in all white.

Percy is a precious young tabby.


Linda didn't stop there though.  She just had to say hi to Bandana, a precocious pup who was traveling on.

So all in all, Linda transported about 15 dogs and cats during the last two weekends, and she's gratified to know that each will be safe, warm and fed as they await their new families to find them.  In the meantime, I think I heard some woofs and meows from up north of here.  Sounded like some grateful dogs and cats were enjoying a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Day in the Sun!

Love it when two dogs get adopted in the same week, and that's exactly what happened to little ray of sunshine, Abigail, whom Linda had transported, and to my little big-eared Zoe, who I helped out at the Molly's Kennels Fall Festival. 
Zippy Little Zoe

Sweet Abigail
Looks like each of these two lovable canines are going to have a great place in the sun from now on, and their new families are going to enjoy all the sunshine they bring to their hearts.  Congratulations to Abigail and Zoe!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Festival

Molly's Kennels held a Fall Festival on Sunday, October 27, 2013, and I decided to help out with the Almost Home dogs who reside there until they find their furever homes.  Attendees were invited to bring their own dogs and events were held to celebrate Halloween and the autumn season, including Bobbing for Apples, a Dog Costume Contest and Parade, Pumpkin Painting for kids, a Dog Trick Contest, and an Agility Training demonstration.  It was well-attended and a beautiful day for the festivities.
Dog Tricks Contest

During the Dog Tricks Contest, one dog rolled over upon command, which was quite impressive considering all the people and other dogs watching.

Those of us with Almost Home Dog Rescue each had one of our dogs there to give them an opportunity to be considered for adoption.

Teddy Making a New Friend
Teddy, a beautiful sheepdog-looking little guy with silky hair, got to meet a potential adopter.

Zoe Smiling for the Camera

I had Zoe, who has a long snout and lots of personality.  She's about eight months old, and we all had differing opinions about what kind of dog she is.  But we all agree that it didn't matter because she has a gregarious way about her, and one set of big ears!

Bennie Adores Colleen

Bennie is a little on the shy side, but once he knows you're going to be okay, he'll be your best friend forever.  He adores Colleen and Deb from Almost Home, who take him for walks quite regularly.  He is a beautiful, easy-care dog.

Is that the Great Pumpkin Over There?
And Bear is a gorgeous fella with a longer coat, and a fluffy tail, who enjoyed himself on this beautiful fall day.  I think he spotted the Great Pumpkin, and wanted to get there before anyone else!

Thanks to Molly's Country Kennels for the Fall Festival -- a day of fun, sunshine and smiles for all!

A Little Bit of Sunshine

On Saturday, October 26th, Linda transported Abigail, a four-month old out of Marietta, Ohio.  Linda picked her up at the Center Valley Corporate Center, and delivered her to Carolyn, who oversees the Almost Home transporting program, and who will foster Abigail.  Little Abigail was surrendered by her owner.  Hard to believe because she is great at giving lots of kisses and is very sweet.  She just couldn't contain her excitement, however, to stand still long enough to get a clear, crisp picture of her.  But Linda reports Abigail is just plain old adorable!  On second analysis of these photos, I'm not so sure Abigail was the problem!  How about that shadow?  A little sunshine would have helped!  But either way, hopefully Abigail will soon be a ray of sunshine in her new furever home.  I