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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Duke Hits the Jackpot!

Duke is one happy guy!  He was just adopted from Almost Home Dog Rescue, and the family wrote to let us know how happy they are to give him as much love as possible!

Duke Smiling with His Family
They report Duke is a wonderful, furry addition to their family.  He is well-behaved and transitioned easily into their home.

He's one sweet canine and they thank Almost Home for helping them bring Duke into their family.  It's hard to tell who's happier -- Duke or his family.

Pups on Parade

Another huge Darlington Express transport included 21 puppies that ended their trip at Every Dogs Dream, a rescue shelter in Greene, New York.  The rescue group sent a thank you e-mail, where they described the pups as "stinkin' adorable". I'm sure you'll agree!  Just look at these four cuties!

Every Dogs Dream reports they were a big hit at their adoption center, where they already had several pre-approved families waiting.

So, it was Pups on Parade.

They had a great adoption day, and it all stemmed from the wonderful efforts of the rescue group working together to save these delightful darlings.
By the time you read this, I bet these puppies already have homes and if they aren't there already, they soon will be once they are old enough.

Netsu Gets a Family!

Ace/Netsu with Open Arms
Fortunately, some dogs who are transported, have adopting families waiting for them, and that was just the case with Ace.  He was scheduled for transport in late July, but got held back due to a cough.  But he made it on the next transport and was welcomed with open arms by his new family.  As evidenced by the picture, Ace was actually the one with open arms -- and legs.  Minor detail.

His adopting family consists of a mother and daughter, and the mother wrote a wonderful letter about their elation over adding Ace to their family.  It read, in part, as follows:

I feel so hopeful and so blessed.  We are more thankful than you can understand, for this rescue network.
 I let my daughter name "Ace34" and she chose "Sekinetsu" to be called "Netsu", which means red hot in Japanese.  We've always done a full name for our pets so his full name will be Netsu Remus Black.
 It's always heartwarming to hear from adopters who take the time to express their pleasure and gratitude over their new arrival.  May Netsu extend his open arms and legs forever to his new family.

Rebecca Gives Birth!

There are often surprises on transports of dogs and/or cats.  But no one had planned for a new litter of kittens to arrive mid-transport.  Dear, sweet Rebecca, left the Darlington County, SC, shelter on the Darlington Express (which my friend, Linda, now coordinates) on Saturday, August 23rd.  She arrived at her destination, Friends for Felines in New York, the next day as a proud mama of four babies.

Rebecca with her initial three kittens.
Rebecca spent Saturday night at overnight host Brigette's house, awaiting the last leg of her transport the following day.  Brigette soon realized things were indicating Rebecca was about to give birth, and sure enough, bing, bang, boom -- and three healthy kittens arrived.  Brigette named them Mango, Cheeto (I assume those are the two orange kittens) and Cinder.

Latest newbie, Bourbon, says "hi" to Rebecca.
Both Brigette and Rebecca were exhausted, so Brigette went to bed.  The next morning, she discovered another orange kitten had arrived, whom she named Bourbon.  As you can see, Rebecca relished her time with her four newborns.

And soon all five felines were back on the transport, in a perfect crate without wires that contained the gerbil-sized new arrivals and provided the family with much needed privacy.  They arrived in New York in fine shape, and will be together until the kittens are weaned and they all can go to their furever homes. Good job, Rebecca!

Marley and Her Brood

Marley spent the same night at Brigette's house as Rebecca (the cat who gave birth).  Marley brought along an entourage -- her eight puppies -- who stayed with another overnight host.  Fortunately, Marley was laid back, and enjoyed playing with a stuffed dinosaur Brigette offered her.

Marley's Entourage
Marley and her brood were heading to One Life to Live rescue in Scranton the next day where they would be welcomed at a foster home until everyone is ready for adoption.

My Pet's Teacher Information

As you may recall, my nephew, Eric, and I attended a dog training session to teach us how to handle rescue dogs, who have their own special needs with their histories of neglect or homelessness.  It was a great experience, so I thought I'd tell you more about Lisa Berkenstock.  She's an expert in her field and can help anyone train their dog (or cat) in manners around the home, to how to alter behavior of a dog/cat who has had no training whatsoever.  Truth be told, however, she actually alters the human's behavior so they communicate and be better understood by their animals.  And they say we're the smart ones?

Lisa, owner of My Pet's Teacher, is an animal professional with over 30 years of experience.  She holds a BS in biology from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, and is also a licensed veterinary technician.

Lisa is skilled in behavior modification and training for both dogs and cats.  She continues professional development regularly and enjoys learning as much as she can about the species with which she works.  She is committed to improving the relationship between people and their pets and to educating the public on animal-friendly methods.

Lisa is married and has five children, and a menagerie of rescue animals.  She's an expert in  managing a multi-pet household, and is extremely knowledgeable about the relationships and interactions between people and their pets.  She also has a knowledgeable staff who is equally committed to improving animal welfare.  Please check out My Teacher's Pet's website at:

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I Got to a Meet and Greet

Saturday, I found a few spare minutes before I drove to Lehigh Valley for a lunch date with a friend.  I decided to swing by the Meet and Greet being held at the pet store near where I live, as four of the Almost Home adoptables, and two of the Molly's Dogs were there in hopes of finding their new furever homes.

So I got to meet and greet some of the Molly's Dogs I'd never met or greeted before.

The first pooch I had the pleasure of meeting was chunky Charlie, a beagle mix who certainly made me chuckle.  Look at him!  He grinned and made sure I knew he was ready for his close-up!  The hardest part for me was catching him without his tail wagging, which seemed to wag his entire body.

Meet darling Daisy! I couldn't resist posting more than one picture of her.  She's a youngster who is somewhat shy, but she sure rates 100 on the cuteness scale!


Then there was cool Kelly, a mottled beauty who stood patiently waiting for her special person to come along.  She seemed curious and interested in all the action around her.


As for jovial Jackson, he showed off how well he knows his tricks and earns his treats.  He was at full attention for those treats!  For a young little guy, he already knows where his bread is buttered and will be a wonderful addition to anyone's home.


Lolling Layla, one of my personal favorites, was also in attendance.  Sadly, she's been lolling at Molly's for way too long, but is still hopeful that the right family will come along soon.  In the meantime, she enjoys the opportunity to get out, and loves her walks.


And buoyant Buckeye, who was one of the dogs at last week's training session, also enjoyed meeting and greeting potential adopters. He's patient and good-natured, and even though he's a little older, he's confident someone will recognize his qualities and welcome him home.

Rescue dogs can be anything from sweet and docile, to fearful and confused.  But for the most part, I think they are grateful to be out of their prior situation, and they really try hard to please.  Most make wonderful pets, and may the efforts of Almost Home Dog Rescue continue until there are no more dogs to rescue -- because everyone is responsible and neuters their dog (or cat) and loves their furry family member.  Amen!