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Sunday, September 28, 2014


I wonder, wonder, wonder what the heck he's thinking about!


Photo: Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me, happy birthday to me!  Three year's old today!  Wahoo!  It's party time!
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me, happy birthday to me!  Three years old today.  Wahoo!  It's party time!  

Today is the first day of the rest of my nine lives.

Photo: SUZY Q's VIEWS:  My Mommy calls me SmartyPants.  I don't know why.  I don't wear pants.  But I'm glad she appreciates my superior intelligence!
Mommy calls me SmartPants.  I don't know why.  I don't wear pants.  But I'm glad she appreciates my super intelligence!

Photo: SUZY Q's VIEWS:  Why do I chase my tail?  Because it’s there.
Why do I chase my tail?  Because it's there!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Thinking it over for a day or two is just a cat's way of making you sweat.

Don't ask, but this morning I accidentally got my head stuck under Mommy's nightgown. Aye Chihuahua!!!

Got my cat sister, Mandi, today – scared the fur balls right out of her!


Sunshine on my shoulders always makes me happy.


The heck with “stop and smell the roses.” Much better to stop and pet your cat.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meet & Greet & Adoptions!

Lots and lots of puppy dogs were at the Meet and Greet held Saturday, September 6th at Cutter’s Mill pet store near where I live.  It’s a good thing because before the pupsters even arrived, potential adopters were waiting.  The place was madness, I tell you, madness!  It was quite hot and humid so the event was set up inside the store, and that's where the frolicking began.

Mr. Cool, Booker T
Of all the puppies at this event, Booker T, stole the biggest part of my heart.  He shared a dog pen with three other smaller puppies, but Booker T remained calm, cool and collected.  He’s one laid-back fella who lives for belly rubs.  He’s a terrier/hound mix with soulful brown eyes and is about 4 months old.  Booker T is a looker to me.

Fergie Enjoying a Chestie Rub
Fergie, a colorful, happy five-month old sweetie-pie, made her way from the south, where she had been dumped at a small rural shelter.  Almost Home took her in, and guess what?  A day after the Cutter's Mill Meet and Greet, Fergie found her furever family and has been happily in her new home for the past few days.  Big woof to Fergie!  One down.

Flash Sports His Spot
The Fab Three -- Flash, Frankie and Franny -- came from the same litter and are about 12-14 weeks old.  They are hound dog mixes and each has a high cuteness factor.  Even though it was an event for potential adopters to meet dogs, Frankie, Franny and Flash joyously introduced themselves with tails wagging to everyone.

Check out Flash’s spot on top of his head.  Don’t you love it?  He is just the cutest!

Franny Is So Adorable!

Franny’s coloring was more subtle but with distinctive markings, and she enjoys posing for her photos.  Isn't that the sweetest face?

Frankie, Such a Good Boy!
Frankie has darker coloring and reminds me of a beagle.  He loved everybody.   

And here's the best news!  Franny went to her new home just this past Wednesday, and Flash will soon be living at his new furever home this week.  Two more down!  Big woofs to both of them!

Peanut, Peanut, Who Wants Peanut?
Pint-sized Peanut, who looks like a puppy at his mere six pounds, is actually four years old, but has personality enough for a 60 pounder.  He loves making new friends, whether human or canine.  He's really in to car rides, and especially loves snuggling with his peeps in bed or on their laps.  The real bonus is he relates to cats too -- maybe because they are about his same size.

Cain (L) and Abel (R)
Cain and Abel are a pair of four-month old Labrador retriever mixes who are playful and somewhat goofy. They weigh in at about 14 pounds, and their foster mom calls them “chunky monkeys”.  They were quite well-behaved and took most everything in stride, much more so than the two brothers they are named after!

Little Milo, who we think is a beagle/dachshund mix, is so adorable and seemed the most puppyish to me, probably due to his smaller size and long, floppy ears.  He’s about four months old and 12 pounds.  He played quite nicely with his pen mates and made sure everyone petted him when they approached.  Milo arrived in late August from the south, in search of a family to love.  He enjoyed getting to know some of the kids who came to the Meet and Greet.
Head Rubs!  I Like Head Rubs!

Milo Says Hi!

Liam at Rear (Mariah in front)
Liam – what a special boy he is!  He has a distinctive reddish brown color, and looks right at you with his big, gorgeous eyes.  He and his brother, Landon, were lucky.  A kind rescue volunteer spotted them huddled in the back of an overcrowded shelter and found them a foster home, before they were transported north.  Landon was especially lucky.  He wasn't even at the Meet and Greet because he had already gone to his furever home.  But Liam won a family's heart at our Meet and Greet, and yes, folks, he went to his new home on Thursday.  Good going, Liam!  Four down.

Mariah, Princess-to-Be
Mariah was so happy to meet everyone.  She wants a home with a real nice family to treat her like the princess she knows she is. She’s about three months old and is very sweet-natured, despite having a traumatic start to life with nasty, uncaring people who mistreated her (and her brother, who had a broken leg), and dropped her at a small shelter.  She's quite beautiful too, with her longer fur coat.  I’m quite sure whoever is lucky enough to call her their Mariah will enjoy her true-blue companionship and desire to please.

Are We There Yet?
Benny and Jessie
Last, but not least, Benny and Jessie arrived by van to the Meet and Greet.  They remained in their crates with the back door open while their driver backed up a few feet.  This was something they'd probably never experienced before -- being able to see, hear and smell outside while the van moved.  But then everything is so new to puppies!  They seemed calm about it, but also excited at the same time.  They are two of the most beautiful pups, thought to be part Akita.

Here are more pictures of the dogs.  Meet and Greets do work!  And a big woof to those who found their homes already, and lots of good luck woofs to those who are still waiting.

Milo, Mariah & Liam -- It's Playtime!
Frankie & Flash -- Frankie Wins the Tongue Length Contest!
Flash & Franny, Still Competing in the Tongue Contest
Frankie, Hiding His Gloating at Winning the Tongue Contest
Jessie, a Proud Akita  

Hi, My Name's Abel. What's Yours?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Duke Hits the Jackpot!

Duke is one happy guy!  He was just adopted from Almost Home Dog Rescue, and the family wrote to let us know how happy they are to give him as much love as possible!

Duke Smiling with His Family
They report Duke is a wonderful, furry addition to their family.  He is well-behaved and transitioned easily into their home.

He's one sweet canine and they thank Almost Home for helping them bring Duke into their family.  It's hard to tell who's happier -- Duke or his family.

Pups on Parade

Another huge Darlington Express transport included 21 puppies that ended their trip at Every Dogs Dream, a rescue shelter in Greene, New York.  The rescue group sent a thank you e-mail, where they described the pups as "stinkin' adorable". I'm sure you'll agree!  Just look at these four cuties!

Every Dogs Dream reports they were a big hit at their adoption center, where they already had several pre-approved families waiting.

So, it was Pups on Parade.

They had a great adoption day, and it all stemmed from the wonderful efforts of the rescue group working together to save these delightful darlings.
By the time you read this, I bet these puppies already have homes and if they aren't there already, they soon will be once they are old enough.

Netsu Gets a Family!

Ace/Netsu with Open Arms
Fortunately, some dogs who are transported, have adopting families waiting for them, and that was just the case with Ace.  He was scheduled for transport in late July, but got held back due to a cough.  But he made it on the next transport and was welcomed with open arms by his new family.  As evidenced by the picture, Ace was actually the one with open arms -- and legs.  Minor detail.

His adopting family consists of a mother and daughter, and the mother wrote a wonderful letter about their elation over adding Ace to their family.  It read, in part, as follows:

I feel so hopeful and so blessed.  We are more thankful than you can understand, for this rescue network.
 I let my daughter name "Ace34" and she chose "Sekinetsu" to be called "Netsu", which means red hot in Japanese.  We've always done a full name for our pets so his full name will be Netsu Remus Black.
 It's always heartwarming to hear from adopters who take the time to express their pleasure and gratitude over their new arrival.  May Netsu extend his open arms and legs forever to his new family.

Rebecca Gives Birth!

There are often surprises on transports of dogs and/or cats.  But no one had planned for a new litter of kittens to arrive mid-transport.  Dear, sweet Rebecca, left the Darlington County, SC, shelter on the Darlington Express (which my friend, Linda, now coordinates) on Saturday, August 23rd.  She arrived at her destination, Friends for Felines in New York, the next day as a proud mama of four babies.

Rebecca with her initial three kittens.
Rebecca spent Saturday night at overnight host Brigette's house, awaiting the last leg of her transport the following day.  Brigette soon realized things were indicating Rebecca was about to give birth, and sure enough, bing, bang, boom -- and three healthy kittens arrived.  Brigette named them Mango, Cheeto (I assume those are the two orange kittens) and Cinder.

Latest newbie, Bourbon, says "hi" to Rebecca.
Both Brigette and Rebecca were exhausted, so Brigette went to bed.  The next morning, she discovered another orange kitten had arrived, whom she named Bourbon.  As you can see, Rebecca relished her time with her four newborns.

And soon all five felines were back on the transport, in a perfect crate without wires that contained the gerbil-sized new arrivals and provided the family with much needed privacy.  They arrived in New York in fine shape, and will be together until the kittens are weaned and they all can go to their furever homes. Good job, Rebecca!